Coyote snatches pet from owner in GA school parking lot


Mar 11, 2001
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Coyote snatches family dog in Coweta County

The Associated Press

Residents of Coweta County say they're seeing more coyotes in the Madras area, and a wildlife technician says the number may continue to grow.

Dave Harris took his small dog out for a walk last week in the parking lot at Madras Middle School. He says he was talking to his daughter on a cell phone when a coyote dashed out from behind his car, grabbed the dog and ran off with it.

Harris chased the coyote but never found it or his dog.

Coyotes have inhabited the western United States for years but were brought east in the late 1960s by fox hunters.

Jason Chapman is a wildlife technician with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Game Management Department in Fort Valley. He says hunters brought the coyotes east because their hounds preferred chasing coyotes to foxes.

Chapman says coyotes -- as well as bear, deer and other game animals -- are being spotted more each year as development encroaches on their habitats.

He says the coyote snatching the dog in daylight is unusual because coyotes are noctural and usually hunt at night.

Neil Jackson owns Newnan Seed Store. He has seen coyotes in his pasture in the Madras area and at his home on more than 100 acres near Grantville.

Jackson returned from work a few weeks ago and found his dog, Dude, covered with cuts, scratches and puncture wounds. Jackson believes coyotes attacked the dog even though a veterinarian says he can't be sure.
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