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Last Monday I got a sad call telling me that Ivan had lost his battle with cancer. I told Nick & Cindy this one would be hard to write about. Not only are they good friends but their son Chris and I competed in NAGDA gun dog competition in the open doubles division together with Ivan & Trigger. In the last few years I have had the pleasure of competing with Nick and Ivan in the Open Pointer division and in the Top Gun BDC events as well. Ivan was a remarkable gun dog and had come a long way since his first gun shy appearance. 2006 NAGDA National Open Pointer 2nd place. Qualified for the BDC Worlds and many other accomplishments. A regular fixture at the G&R club he brought many happy days in the field to many successful hunters.
Truly a great gun dog...I know his loving family along with myself will miss him. The great ones live on forever in memory.


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I too had the pleasure of both competing with and against Crazy Ivan. Ivan & my dog K.K. have run together in the Doubles Division of NAGDA the last 3 years. At the Nationals in 2008 they finished 6th & in 2010 finished 7th.

I can remember my first sight of Ivan when Nick & Cindy got him as a rescue dog. He was skin & bones and very afraid. With love and affection, they made him into a hunting machine. I learned to "read" him. Whenever he would drop his front shoulders, get ready he was birdy. He would very soon locate the bird.
Rest in Peace.........Ivan. You will be missed!

Here are some pictures of Ivan

NAGDA Nationals 09 025.jpg

Chris & Ivan.jpg



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Sorry to hear about Ivan. Nick and Cindy gave him a great home and he was loved more than most dogs could ever dream about. He was a truley outstanding hunting dog. Godspeed Ivan


I spoke to Nick and we agree the old doubles team have been reunited only a week apart and are once again hunting together.
Ivan came a long way since being rescued, rail thin and gun shy the first time he came to me for training. Natural ability and a biddable attitude he quickly became an accomplished hunter and great competitor.
Howard you are right ....he had a fantastic loving home.
Nick told me on the phone: "You know they will have the best field all picked out for us when we get there".
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Ivan was great.

My dog Fletcher and I had the honor to run with Ivan and Nick on one of his last outing at the NAGDA Nat'l in Doubles. Ivan and Fletcher made a great team from the 1st time they ran together until the last time.

DD, Ivan and Trigger are the old guard, they showed us what real good dogs can be and what they can acheive with a little (OK a lot) of love and time in the field. The rest of our dogs aspire to be like these three. Some will succeed.

You can see the pictures of their runs at

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