Custom D.C.A. Arrows I Just Built For A Freind..Pic's


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One of my archery club members and good freind I always shoot with at the club shoots ordered some D.C.A. arrows through me got him a great dicount and built them fully from bare Uncut shafts for him.
I cut the shafts for his draw length and glued in the inserts and added nice Saunders field tips then glued the fletchings on i did a red and white blazer vane combo with white nocks they came out great, I think he will be pleased with the arrows and the build I did for him free of charge.
I started Team D.C.A at the archery club now so there's 4 us including me shooting D C.A. arrows, We always team up for the shoots and have a great time.
2 of my members just purchased a dozen each a month ago and like them so much they just both ordered another dozen each and I also cut them and glue the inserts in for them. Here's some pics of the build.......tra


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Still waiting to see that first Florida hog TRA!

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My freind and archery partner Ed who i built these DCA arrows for 3 mo. Ago did the Florida Senior Game's 900 Shoot yesterday and placed 2 nd. In his age group catagory he is 72 and took home a super nice silver medal. So congrats to my freind Ed for great shooting and placing seconed shooting with D.C.A. arrows.....tra

P.s. last year I placed 4 th. In the senior games missed 3 rd. By 3 points wanted to go back this year to try and place in the top 3 but it was a little ways away and couldn't go because I have to take care of my wife and couldn't be gone that long hopefully we will get the games next year back in our area....

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