CWA and DFG meeting - Bridgeport


Dec 29, 2003
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Well, I got this via email earlier today after someone recieved a phone call about the meting and read it somewhere else so it looks like this might be moving forward as the Regs but its up to the Boards. Don't have all the details for zones, etc- but for BOS mainly?

recommendation for the season:

They will recommend to the Wildlife Board.........93
consecutive days,
no split. Season to start on Oct 30th. 7 birds in
the bag, 5 mallards,
only one of which can be a hen. 60 days pintail
season, with a split.
Nine days to start the season on Oct 30th, with the
remaining 51 days
remaining to run to the end of the season.

There will be a canvasback season and it will be the
last 60 days of the season , or 12/2-1/30 with 1 bird
limit. Goose season would be Oct 30-Jan 30.

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