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Dec 22, 2001
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This may get a bit long winded so forgive me, but I am going to try to be as comprehensive as possible.
I put an olympus D-370 in place of my owl with a 3 wire setup using JoeD's chip. The Olympus took all of about 7 minutes to modify from case off to case on, so for me it wins the "ease of modification" award. Other then having to modify the flash hole, it fit right in my pelican 1150 case with out any other changes. I did think the shutter hole was aligned properly, but after reviewing some of the pics I know that the opening needs to be adjusted a bit. All my pics have the left side cut off from the camera case being in the way.
I left this cam out for two weeks with a 16 meg card in it. when I checked the camera, the card was full with 89 pics and the battery indicator was showing full charge. The battery indicator did not drop untill I sat for almost two hours looking at each pic in LCD screen, and zooming them in an out.
Only about 10 pics were daytime pics, and they were shot at all different times of night, but the stock flash is weak enough that I am going to have to enhance them and look for animals. Nothing was readily apparent in any of the night time picsother then a deer ear about 6 inches away from the camera in one shot.
In the daytime pics, I got a few nice shots of does, and one turkey in full strut about 60' away. You have to zoom in to really see thre Tom.

I need to make a few changes to the housing then try it again.
I definately need to do something about the flash though... that is going to make the difference at night.

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Mar 10, 2002
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What did you have the white balance set on, and how far away were the nite critters?

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