D-7 Fire Restrictions


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Jun 21, 2001
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Temporary Fire Restrictions
Sierra National Forest

Pursuant to 36 CFR 261.50(a) and (b), and because of the high fire danger, the following acts are prohibited within the Moderate Fire Hazard area of the Sierra National Forest. The Moderate Fire Hazard area is shown on Exhibit A. This Order is effective from September 1, 2004, through the end of the official fire season.

1. Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, charcoal fire, or stove fire, except in the designated recreation sites listed in Exhibit B.
36 CFR 261.52(a)
2. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or within the designated recreation sites listed in Exhibit B. 36 CFR 261.52(d)
3. Operating an internal combustion engine, except on a National Forest System road or trail. 36 CFR 261.52(h)
4. Welding, or operating an acetylene or other torch with an open flame.
36 CFR 261.52(i).
5. Using an explosive. 36 CFR 261.52(b)

Pursuant to 36 CFR 261.50(e), the following persons are exempt from this order:

1. Persons with a permit from the Forest Service specifically authorizing the otherwise prohibited act or omission. Persons with a valid California Campfire Permit are not exempt from the prohibitions listed above. However, persons with a valid California Campfire Permit are not prohibited from using portable stoves or lanterns using gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel.
2. Any Federal, State, or local officer, or member of an organized rescue or fire fighting force in the performance of an official duty.
3. Persons with a Special Use Permit from the Forest Service for a recreation residence within the Moderate Fire Hazard area may use a campfire or stove fire at their recreation residence.

These prohibitions are in addition to the general prohibitions in 36 CFR Part 261, Subpart A.

Done at Clovis, California, this 16th day of August, 2004.

Forest Supervisor
Sierra National Forest

A violation of these prohibitions is punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000.00 for an individual or $10,000.00 for an organization, or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both. 16 USC 551 and 18 USC 3559, 3571, and 3581.

Sierra National Forest
Exhibit B – Designated Recreation Sites


Big Sandy Campground China Bar Campground
Chilkoot Campground Clover Meadow Campground
Forks Campground Fish Creek Campground
Fresno Dome Campground Gaggs Camp Campground
Grey’s Mountain Campground Granite Creek Campground
Recreation Point Campground Kelty Meadow Campground
Jerseydale Campground Little Jackass Campground
Lupine/Cedar Bluff Campground Lower Chiquito Campground
Nelder Grove Campground Mammoth Pool Campground
Soquel Campground Placer Campground
Denver Church Campground Rock Creek Campground
Summerdale Campground Soda Springs Campground
Kamook Campground Sweetwater Campground
Wishon Point Campground Crane Valley Campground
Lone Sequoia Campground Bowler Camprground
Fresno Dome Campground Upper Chiquito Campground
Dirt Flat Campground Whiskers Campground
Dry Gulch Campground Whiskey Falls Campground


Badger Flat Campground Black Rock Campground
Billy Creek, Lower Campground Bretz Mill Campground
Billy Creek, Upper Campground Buck Meadow Campground
Bolsillo Campground Dinkey Creek Campground
Catavee Campground Gigantea Campground
College Campground Kirch Flat Campground
Deer Creek Campground Lilypad Campground
Dorabelle Campground Marmot Rock Campground
Jackass Meadow Campground Sawmill Flat Campground
Kinnikinnick Campground Trapper Springs Campground
Mono Creek Campground Voyager Rock Campground
Mono Hot Springs Campground
Portal Forebay Campground
Rancheria Campground
Sample Meadow Campground
Swanson Meadow Campground
Vermilion Campground
Ward Lake Campground
West Kaiser Campground


To: Forest Supervisor

cc: Law Enforcement

From: Resource Protection

Date: 8/10/04

Subject: Forest Order – Fire Restrictions

The Sierra National Forest “Fire Restriction and Emergency Closure Plan” approved June 14, 1999, and Forest Service Manual 5110.4, gives authority and guidance on implementing actions that reduce the risk of certain ignition sources.

Criteria for activation of prohibitions through Forest Orders are based on National Fire Danger Rating System indices and fuel moisture conditions. Specifically, for the Moderate Hazard area they are: Burning Index is 80 or greater for three consecutive days with a predicted stable or upward trend, and dead fuel moistures for thousand hour time lag fuels are <13%. The forest has met these thousand hour fuel moisture criteria since June 26, 2004 using Minarets, Dinkey and Fence Meadow weather stations as representative sites. Current conditions reflect an average Burning Index of 62, and a thousand hour fuel moisture of 7.6%, with a predicted warming and drying trend. Although the Burning Indices are not quite at the restriction level, the excessively dry fuels and drought conditions in the Forest indicate a need to enter into restrictions prior to the Labor Day weekend and the opening of hunting season.

Within the Forest Order, exemptions to the restrictions are defined by geographic locations or activities governed by permit. These permit requirements or conditions allow certain uses not available to the general public. To reduce the potential for fire ignitions to escape into the wildland, there are required measures to remove flammable vegetation or to have extinguishment equipment on site.

Prohibitions for short-term resource protection are categorically excluded from further documentation in an EIS or EA under 31.1b of Forest Service Handbook 1909.15.

Fire Management Officer

Concurrence of Forest Supervisor: ___________________ Date: _____________


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Nov 24, 2002
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Any Idea where the "Moderate Fire Hazard Area" aka Exhibit A is?

I assume it is all of Sierra National Forest?

I looked on the SNF website and it said contact the local ranger offices for Fire Restriction maps. I didn't see the report that was posted here, so maybe the Exhibit A map is also posted where this info came from?



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Jun 21, 2001
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It is roughfuly the 6000 foot elvation line, just above Shaver Lake, Dinkey Creek, below the Mckinley Grove Road and below the Stump Springs on the High Sierra Ranger District.
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