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D14 Bear Mauls a Hunter


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I know right? It's like for goodness sake... you can see the thing right freakin' there FEET from the guys home!... I'm sure there are dirty tracks on the deck and perhaps a claw mark or two on the home to corroborate what he's saying. And even if you didn't see anything on the home... that is just too darn close when it's a home and a dude with family and kids. You kiddin' me? 500 Lbs is like two vary large men combined in one creature and then some! Pssh, wonder if two large men attacked his home if they'd give him less grief?


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I left the garage door open like an idiot last time I was up at Tahoe and about 9PM I hear some empty dog food cans falling. Damnit I knew it was a bear right away so without really thinking I just go out there and yell at it to get the F out of here bear. It stops what it is doing and retreats. So I go out there, in shorts and bare feet mind you, to see that it has left. It's pitch black out there. Anyways it was at that point that the bear must of remembered that he's a BEAR and I hear him coming back toward me. So I dash back into the garage and hit the button to close the door. Well damn bear gets close enough to hit the beam and make the door go back up. Fortunately the door had come down enough that the bear backed off and left.

A bear has run out if front of my mom when she was driving up there and got hit.
A mom with her cubs stood up and growled like hell at my daughter, mother, and the dog when they were just hiking around the back yard.
If you forget to lock the car door they'll go in.


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I'm really quite surprised more folks in the Tahoe basin don't get mauled.
Their liberal attitude of just shoo them away leaves a lasting impression on bears, they know damn well they're at the top of the food chain.
The one aspect that really worked in my favor was the nose marks all over the sliding window about 4' up from the decking, he WAS coming in, it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.

My story has a twist to it unfortunately.
One week later to the day, almost the hour I heard something on the back deck, same exact sound as before.
I grabbed my rifle and went to the back door and flipped on the outside light, you guessed it, another bear.
When that light came on he jumped off the deck, which is 16' up where he launched himself. I think he may still be falling!
He never came back thankfully.
My neighbor laughed, saying something to the extent of "would you shoot another"? Ummm, yes, absolutley. This time there will be no call to F&G, as it's blatantly obvious to me they would do everything in their power to lighten my wallet.


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Best discussion I’ve read on the topic of bear spray vs. sidearm. (Nutshell: carrying bear spray gives you better odds; carrying both gives you better options.)


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