D360L / RS 232 problems


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Sep 19, 2002
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It has been real hot here for the past few weeks and about 90% hummidity. Lately when I go to check my cam it works fine and takes great pics no matter how long I leave it out there and it even takes a pic of me as I walk up. Then I switch it off and take out the camera but as soon as I open the Pelican box the camera fogs up real bad and I even have to wipe the moisture off the display screen so I can view the pics. Then when I turn on the switch to the board just to make sure it's working right I get nothing, No red light or anything. I've tried it with and without the camera hooked up and nothing.... Then when I bring it home (a 45 minute drive)and place it in my shop and try it ,it works perfect!!!. could it be that the moisture is getting to the board as soon as I open the box and causing problems?
I use the drying stuff (deficant (spelling?) When go back out and I set the cam back up it works perfect until I open it in the woods the next time. Any Ideas??? Thanks for any help you may have, Mike
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