Darkwoods Blind Double FF


Mar 11, 2001
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Darkwoods Blind Double FF


Darkwoods Blind is taking its unique one-of-a-kind mobile hunting blinds to the next level with the new Double FF model for multiple hunters.

The new Double FF model is the next series of hard-sided, custom-made hunting blinds. This large, all-season model has the same mobile capabilities as the original one-man blinds, only with exterior dimensions that exceed 5’x7’x7’ for a two-, three- or even four-man hunting capacity.

With an almost indestructible HD Polyethylene plastic shell covered in Realtree® or Advantage® patterns, this blind will help shield you from the harsh elements for many seasons.

A vast interior allows the bowhunter to pull to full draw from within the blind. All models include black, gray or camo-covered interior, a full walk-in door, wheelchair accessibility and an aluminum window system. The window system includes camo-wrapped security panels, clear plex viewing windows, see-thru magnetic camo curtains and locking pins. A raised-interior floor section allows you to store items off of the floor.

Additional options and/or accessories include:

* Interior sprayed bed liner material
* Gear holders
* Additional hooks
* Lights
* Fans
* Gear hooks
* Bow/gun holders
* Interior/exterior storage box
* Cup holders
* Handles
* Jack stands
* Hasps

The Double FF Blind’s mobility and capabilities are endless whether pulled by Darkwoods’ ATV Quick Hitch Trailer or moved by hand. Simply disconnect your ATV from the trailer, place jack stands and hunt directly off of the trailer; or slide the blind off of the trailer and onto the ground for ground-level hunting.

The Darkwoods Blind gives you the comfort and security of a box blind, the portability of a pop-up style blind and the freedom of a tree stand. That’s why the Darkwoods Blind is called “One-Man Hunting Mobility.”

For more info, call 405.520.6754, or check out www.darkwoodsblind.com

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