Date Change !! - CA DFG Commission Meeting - Duck Regs

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Mar 26, 2001
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Date Change !! - CA DFG Commission Meeting - Duck Regs

Hi all,

Thought there might be some members here that are thinking of attending the CA DFG Commission meeting later this month when the regs will be adopted. The posted date for that discussion has been Friday, Aug 25th, however I had heard they might move the discussion to Thursday, Aug 24th. I wrote the Commission and did receive a response which does confirm the change in date. FYI to all.

I suggest watching the commission's agenda web site for any other details once the change mentioned in the message below is posted. Commission web site is:

here is the response to my query:

The Commission will be adopting the waterfowl regulations on August 24.
We will be mailing the change-of-date notice and posting it on our web
site this week. I won't be able to confirm the time the meeting will
start until the agenda is finalized (by Friday of this week). Start
times for specific items are not provided since (a) the start time of
any item depends on how much time is spent on each item preceding it on
the agenda, and (b) items may be taken out of order pursuant to the call
of the President.

Sherrie Koell
California Fish and Game Commission


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Mar 26, 2001
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I was listening to the meeting today at work (took all morning to download it!). I was going to post up when I heard Flores make that announcement, but then I saw you had.
I wonder the motivation behind it - less anti's? The Morro Bay tree huggers sounded pissed in the meeting.

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