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Jan 24, 2002
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The scumbag got off easy. They should have thrown the book at this a-hole. What a fraud.

DENVER (CBS4) ? A former Denver police officer pleaded guilty Thursday after being accused of defrauding the Colorado Fire and Police Pension Association. Dave Holt claimed he was injured while running an obstacle course in 1986.

Holt admitted to a single misdemeanor involving falsification of a driver's license. He will have to repay $135,000 to the pension association. That's about half of the $267,000 the state claimed he wrongly obtained.

A grand jury indicted Holt on 12 counts last summer including theft and forgery.

"He would fake a limp at certain times and he would fake a limp when he didn't have one," Attorney General John Suthers said at the time. "That was the testimony in front of the grand jury as reflected by the grand jury indictment."

Holt filed for full disability after the 1986 accident. Since then, he's traveled to Africa on safaris and works as an expert bow hunter who publishes.

"He's capable of doing what he loves and that's working in the bow hunting industry," Gary Christoffersen, a friend of Holt's, told CBS4 last year.

Holt is no longer classified as fully disabled. His new classification is occupationally disabled, which means he'll receive a smaller pension.

Part of Holt's plea deal says he cannot use dangerous weapons, but in this case that does not include a bow and arrow.

Holt's attorney said "as a result of the plea deal, Holt can now move on with life and hunting passion." (© MMVIII CBS Television Stations, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)


Jul 14, 2006
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sounds like the dude found a way to double dip,having the city of denver pay for his hunts,
many,many,many people out there bleeding the system,i agree,seems like he got off abit light

i twisted my ankle 11 years ago in the academy,i new if i let on i,d be screwed,pushed threw for the remaining
6 weeks,and got a job,amazing what the union and HR does for the canadate today.... what a shame.


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Feb 17, 2002
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He stole $230,00+ and only has to pay back 1/2 and still gets a pension to boot?

I guess crime DOES pay.

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