Dead Coyote is NOT Legal on CA Refuges

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Mar 26, 2001
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Dead Coyote is NOT Legal on CA Refuges - But is Legal on Private Lands

I have read a few different questions recently on various sites, about the use of Dead Coyote T shot...and many believe it is legal on CA refuges (state or federal). It is not, and I just wanted to share with everyone in case there was any misunderstanding. This comes direct from Lieutenant Liz Schwall DFG/ Enforcement Branch

"While federally approved non-toxic shot up to size "T" is legal for waterfowl, it is NOT legal to use "T" non-toxic shot (other than steel) on state and federal refuges and areas. Evidently, this rule was created due to the safety concerns regarding the use of size "T" Dead Coyote shot within the confines of a refuge."

This rule is specific to state and fed lands...

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