Debating gender: what if Trump was a woman and Clinton was a man?


Aug 17, 2012
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Summary: Trump had a message, Clinton was apolitician

The 2016presidential debates were recast onstage in New York, with Trump as a woman andClinton as a man. The result raised troubling questions.

"Her Opponent"was performed on Saturday night in New York City. On Friday, a rehearsal raisedunexpected questions, some of them troubling. For instance, was the realTrump’s rhetoric offensive to liberals because it was delivered by a reality TVstar?

“When a womansays it, it doesn’t sound as crazy"

Did Clintonsupporters not realize how much her hyper-polished political style alienatedpeople?

“When a man[re-creates Clinton’s performance],” said Salvatore, “it feels like a lot ofmansplaining.”

When we crossgender but stay authentic to speech pattern, the audience is shaken awake andsees it differently,” said Salvatore.

As a man,Clinton seemed like a cliched and sleazy politician, overly polished, makinggrand promises. Her constant smiling felt more forced when a man did it, sinceit’s rare for men to fake smiles.

When Embryread out Clinton’s website address and book information, mid-debate, he seemedoverwhelmingly smug.

Hearingsomeone else read Trump’s lines made it easier to focus on the content of whathe was saying. Perhaps for the first time, I heard the clear messages: “morejobs” and “lower taxes”, criticisms of Clinton’s lack of action.

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