Deer Breaks Through Murrieta CA Home's Windows; Is Shot by DFG Warden


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Any body know how big its rack was? I might be shedding some tears too.
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On a kind of related note, a couple of weeks ago a call came into my station of a wounded deer in the yard of one of the homes in the area I patrol. The reporting person stated that they thought the deer had been hit by a car and was bleeding and laying in their yard. They called us, and in turn we called animal control. Animal control officers advised us that their department had disarmed them! And that if the deer was to be put down, we would have to send one of our officer's to do it. The home owner heard that the deer was going to be destroyed. They became so upset that we would not send a deer ambulance and rush the deer to the deer emergency room and do deer surgury to save the deer's life so they shooed the deer away so it could go back into the hills and suffer until it died a much more humane death. Never found out if it was a buck or not.

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