Deer hunters harvest the season's bounty


Mar 11, 2001
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Deer hunters harvest the season's bounty

By WILL ELLIOTT, Buffalo News Outdoors Reporter


Deer season ended Tuesday for shotgun hunters in Western New York, archery season ends today, and muzzleloader hunts end at sunset Tuesday, but fine memories - many through good photos, CDs and DVDs - have been recorded for this snow-filled hunting season.

Family harvest numbers and individual trophies young and older hunters brought home this season make this an ongoing Thanksgiving holiday.

The DelMonte family has plenty of venison for late-December holiday meals, following archery- and gun-season hunts in Arkwright. Pat DelMonte took a six-pointer during archery and later scored on a 10-pointer and an antlerless mature buck taken on a Deer Management Unit permit.

Nick DelMonte moved three times to see through heavy snow cover opening day for his six-pointer taken 10 minutes after the season started. Brother Tony DelMonte, with two DMPs in hand, took a shot at a doe in a passing herd and dropped two antlerless deer with one shot.

Alex Tatoian of East Aurora took dad to Pennsylvania for a youth hunt and brought home a heavy - for Allegany Mountain region deer - four-point whitetail he took with his new .270. Adult hunters in Pennsylvania now must look for three points on at least one side of a rack to take a legal buck.

Joe McGuire of Buffalo took the long ride to northern Quebec with partner Feliks Zarczynski of Lilly Dale. McGuire, at 70, had spent his hunting life in search of Western New York whitetails, but he scored well on a trophy-sized rack during the first week of caribou season. His 'bou sported the largest antler formation among all those taken by eight hunters sharing a guide's camp cabin.

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