Deer prime suspect in man's 10-day coma.


Mar 11, 2001
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Deer prime suspect in man's 10-day coma.

Man still can't speak or remember Thanksgiving-hunting trip events

Associated Press — Dec. 4, 2001

UMPIRE, Ark. — After 10 days in a coma, a De Queen, Ark., man has no idea what put him in the hospital.

Harris Kramer, 55, was riding four-wheelers with his family during a Thanksgiving hunting trip when he rode ahead of the group. When the others caught up to him around a corner, they found him face down in a puddle of blood.

Kramer had a gash across his head.

Howard County Sheriff's Deputy David Shelton suspects a deer must have hit Kramer as it crossed the gravel road.

"I'm thinking he spooked a deer and it jumped and hit him," Shelton said Monday, Dec. 3. "It must have kicked him in the head as it was jumping across the roadway."

Kramer was unconscious until Sunday at Wadley Regional Medical Center in Texarkana.

He still can't talk or remember what happened, his wife Brenda Kramer said.

Brenda also thinks a deer must have hit her husband.

"That's the only thing that would be large enough to knock him off the four-wheeler and be fast enough to run away," she said. "A bear would have stayed around."

Shelton called the incident a freak accident and said Kramer won't know what hit him.

"I've never seen anyone kicked by a deer," Shelton said. "But I know it would probably be bad."


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Aug 20, 2002
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Was he wearing a helmet?!  We preach about not climbing up in a tree without a saftey what's the diff.?

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