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Mar 2, 2008
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I was wondering if everyone could help me out with a deer research project of mine? Could you please list the top 3 Worst Counties and the State for deer that would be based off of antler size and potential genetics for antler size/score?

Some states have their own record books separate from the B&C and P&Y record books that people could look in and figure out what counties have never had a deer entry or very few. Wish I could afford to buy every individual state record book but that is not the case. I have gathered the best counties for deer in the U.S. based off the B&C, P&Y, and hunting articles so should be good there.

My goal is to analyze data from the best vs worst counties in the U.S. for deer antler size and figure out if there are any indicators that could help hunters scout and find areas that have potential for larger antlered bucks. Not sure if any indicators will be found from this study or if a hunter could use this information to know what part of a unit, mountain, valley, or whatever to hunt. This would only be one more tool for hunters to use and not guarantee large antlered bucks as many factors influence that.

Thank you for any help in figuring out the worst counties in the U.S. for deer antler size.

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