Deer runs amok through Virginia shopping center


Mar 11, 2001
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Deer runs amok in shopping center

By Mika Elizabeth Foley, Fauquier Times Democrat

February 05, 2002

Last Sunday, one hour and 15 minutes before the Super Bowl kicked off, a frightened deer ran through four local businesses in the Warrenton Center shopping center, breaking through windows and causing lots of damage.
According to Game Warden Derrick Kekic, Lt. Allen Cubbage of the Warrenton Police Department and several witnesses, the deer had a terrifying journey.

Five plate glass windows were shattered as the doe ran from one shop to another, gathering wounds and becoming more confused as she went.

The deer first entered the Peebles Home Store by crashing through the window at the right rear side of the store. Without touching anything, the deer left through another window at the left front of the store.

She then traveled to the Barbecue Country Jamboree restaurant. According to witnesses, the deer went through the first glass door of the restaurant, but could not get through the second door made of wood and glass.

After being briefly trapped in the restaurant's foyer, the deer escaped, only to run into the front window of Warrenton Decor, a home and garden shop. The deer damaged only the window there, going out as quickly as she went in.

According to store employee Barbara Anderson, the owner of Warrenton Decor, Dawn Winslow-Chadwick, luckily had just closed and left the store minutes before the deer came in.

The deer then shot in at an angle through one of the front windows of Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. She began to run around the perimeter of the store, crashing into things as she went.

"Jo-Ann Fabrics suffered heavy damage," said Kekic. There was approximately $5,000 in damaged merchandise, but the glass replacement and cleaning fees were unknown.

According to Carolyn Johnson, a store employee who witnessed the event, her manager Janice Bailey reacted quickly. She commanded customers to leave immediately, fearing someone would be hurt.

"We had customers at the register, and it sounded like a car went through the window," said Johnson.

She explained that the deer came through the window near the registers. It broke its legs, either from breaking windows, or from slipping on the slippery store floors, she guessed.

"The deer was dying when it entered the fabric store and it was taken by the Warrenton Police there as well," explained Kekic.

"Deer are the type of animal that, when they get trapped, they get so stressed that they will often die from panic," said Kekic.

Because of the injuries already sustained by her sojourn, and the threat to public safety, Officer Tom Yancy was advised by the game warden to take the doe down. He used a tactical round that did not go through the animal.

"We were very thankful that no one got hurt," said Johnson, adding, "We were extremely lucky.

"The police were here instantly. They were excellent. They were right on top of it," added Johnson.

She also mentioned one particular customer she admired. "There was one lady that made it through as cool as a cucumber, saying, 'I guess I will have to come back tomorrow for my glue sticks.' "

Commenting that the game warden and others said it looked like a crime scene, Johnson then said, "The Warrenton Police and the game warden handled it beautifully. The deer was removed from the back and given to a customer, out of sight of the crowd gathered in front of the store."

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Oct 18, 2001
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They hould have cut out some back straps and taken them over to the BBQ Country Jamboree Restaurant....YUM...YUM....:eat-burger:

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