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Deer Season Winding Down....


I know you smoke polers out there are still at it, heck I even sat yesterday morning with my bow. Anyone out there chase yotes? I've seen plenty in my normal haunts and even tried a few times in years past but have yet to bag one.

If you go/have gone, how do you work the "hunt til midnight"/"no artificial lights" foolishness? I've been out on full moon nights with snow cover before, but mostly stick to dawn and dusk....

FYI, they're in season til Feb 28, 2003-


nope. i have seen several in years past but see no need to take them since i don't do any fur trading or anything that i could use out of a yote.


Merry Xmas everyone,:xmas hat:

Got a breather from the kids till the next round of present opening. Checking the weather, so I figgured I'd see what's up on the JHP
. Supposed to go to my sister's at the Cape later today, but looks like a bad idea with the weather coming.

One of my goals is to get a nice big one and make a rug out of it. Winter's supposed to be the best time for a good coat. I've posted several times in months past on the varmint hunting forum for advice, as I don't like the thought of killing something and not eating it. Word is there's nothing you can really do to make them palatable. So ... I figgure they probably eat half of the turkey poults, so I'm going to justify it that way. I also found four coyote killed deer while scouting last winter. Of course they're just trying to survive like us, but personally I'd rather have more deer and turkeys than coyotes.

Once deer season ends, I'm pretty burnt-out and never actually get around to actually hunting specifically for coyotes (I bow hunt right through Jan in RI). I've called lots of them in while turkey hunting, and started bringing a scoped .22 with me last year after having them come in two different times
. Of course nothing showed up after that
. I had one six yards away from me two years ago ... kind of a spooky feeling.

One day a week or two ago, I was in my stand and could have shot a nice one with the muzzleloader. Had the cross hairs on him, but didn't want to blow my cover as it was just after legal in the AM. My buddy shot a spike 20 min later ... I should have shot the coyote.

FYI - RI has no closed season on Coyotes. Cheap license prices too. Lots of public land as well.

Don't tell my wife (or the in-laws who flew in last night), but I'm thinking that since we probably won't be going to the Cape ... might as well sneak out into the woods for a few hours this afternoon to see if I can intercept a deer feeding on acorns before the storm to put under the tree!


:xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat:

Hey skip- I know what you mean about not shooting if your not gonna eat, that's why I gave up ducks and geese. Too much dark meat for me. Never seen a duck eat a turkey or a deer though. We've got coyotes pretty thick around me. I had one at 15 feet this spring while hunting turkeys. Made a few yelps and he was johnny on the spot. He was so close I wasn't sure I could swing the gun fast enough if need be. Kind of spooky is right....

Man, I wish I could sneak out today. Inlaws, parents etc. Was a large group of deer spotted nearby last night too... (none with red noses either)

I can't say I have a "use" for them, but unless I hear that deer and turkey are so overpopulated that hunting is no longer an adequate control.....

I've gotta travel to mendon, then on to CT. It's only snow,...right?!

:xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat: :xmas hat:

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