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Deer Stand


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From floor to top of peak is 9 feet, the stand is 10 feet off the ground, and we are anchoring 4 guy wires tommorrow morning. It is tall, I hope an extra 3 feet from what you guys use isn't going to make it that much more vulneralbe to tipping. What do you guys traditionally use for poles? I am using 6x6 treated posts. i will have more pictures tommorrow afternoon.

My fathers plans, if it tips over we'll cut a couple feet down




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If you guy wire it down, it should be fine. Where we hunt it can get very windy, and do not have tall trees to block the wind. We have stands that are 20' to the floor and have not lost one yet, however they are well tied down. All our frames are metal and spread at the base for stability, but I think yours will be fine. Though I had some pics, but can't find any right now.

Good job on the stand and good luck hunting it this season!!!


Just wondering if you got this project complete? I am building something similar next weekend, and would love to see some more pics, and possibly get an info as to what worked well for you, and what, if any problems you ran into?

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