DFG Opens Shiner Surfperch Fishery in San Francisco and San


Mar 11, 2001
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April 3, 2002

DFG Press Release

DFG Opens Shiner Surfperch Fishery in San Francisco and San Pablo Bays

Contacts: Chamois Andersen, Information Officer, (916) 657-4132
Don Schultze, Marine Region, (916) 227-5670

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced it will implement regulations that allow sport anglers to take shiner surfperch (Cymatogaster aggregata), an important baitfish, in the San Francisco and San Pablo bays during the April 1 to July 31 fishing season. The prohibited take of all other surfperch species in the two bays will remain in effect.

The Office of Administrative Law has approved the Fish and Game Commission's emergency adoption to exempt shiner surfperch, and thus made the effective date retroactive to March 26 to comply with the previously approved bay-wide closure of all other surfperch species.

As a result of the Commission easing surfperch limits, sport anglers can take up to 20 shiner surfperch any time of year. The seasonal closure within San Francisco and San Pablo bays (April 1 through July 31) remains in effect for all other surfperch species, including redtail, walleye and silver surfperch, which have declined over the years. From Aug. 1 to March 31, anglers can take five surfperch besides shiners.

The Commission, during an emergency teleconference on March 21, adopted DFG's recommendation to exclude shiner surfperch from the closure due to evidence indicating that the shiner fishery in the bays are at a sustainable level. The Commission's emergency meeting was called because recreational fishing for striped bass and halibut begins April 1, and shiner surfperch is widely used as bait to catch these species.

DFG and the Commission are taking the necessary steps to permanently extend the change beyond the 120 days allowed for the surfperch emergency regulations.

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