DFG Status Review and Recommendations on Coho Salmon Listing


Mar 11, 2001
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May 30, 2002

Status Review and Recommendations on Coho Salmon Listing

Contacts: Dirk Brazil, Deputy Director (916) 653-7667
Alexia Retallack, Information Officer (916) 653-8124

SACRAMENTO — The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has delivered its findings and recommendations regarding the listing of the northern California coho salmon to the Fish and Game Commission (FGC), and they are available to the public.

Copies of the Status Review of California Coho Salmon North of San Francisco are available online at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/nafwb/coho_status_2002_04.html. Hard copies may be requested by calling (916) 653-2225 or emailing pmontalv@dfg.ca.gov.

In the report, DFG biologists concluded that the populations of coho salmon from San Francisco to Punta Gorda in Humboldt County, warranted listing as an endangered species. DFG also concluded that the populations of coho salmon from Punta Gorda north to the Oregon border warranted listing as a threatened species.

DFG biologists found that the distribution of coho salmon in California is substantially reduced from historical levels, especially south of Punta Gorda, where several larger river systems have lost their coho populations. Coho salmon have experienced a significant decline in the past 50 years and previous studies have shown that the coho salmon abundance in California, including hatchery stocks, could be 6 - 15 percent of their abundance during the 1940s. DFG also found that California coho populations have experienced a decline of at least 70 percent since the 1960s.

The public may direct written comments on the status review to the FGC at: California Fish and Game Commission, 1416 9th Street 13th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814 until July 26. FGC staff will provide the comments to the Commissioners prior to their Aug.1 meeting. The FGC is expected to take action at this meeting. Comments received after July 26 will be provided to the Commissioners at the meeting.
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