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Jul 27, 2001
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While following this forum for a couple months now I have often wondered how many little tips and hints we all know but because they are so familiar to us we assume everybody else must know that too. I mentioned this little nugget to a fellow cammer the other day and he seemed amazed, and I thought every one knew that.

DYK#1. If you get your film developed by Wal-Mart look at option 3 on the envelope "Select Digital Services"
check box "Pictures online" they will post hi-res copies on their website for you to download. I think it's free I pay about $4.00 for 24 prints plus hi-res online. This eliminates me having to scan them and they do a better job of it than I do anyway. After I acumulate enough pictures I dump them to a CDRW for short term storage. This brings us to #2.

DYK#2. I recommend this for a 1 shot deal only, because they charge $5.00 more. If you check "Pictures On CD" they
will burn them to a CDR. Unfortunately they "close" the session and the CD so you can't add to them. The neat thing is though, they package it with a "lite" version of Microsoft Picture It 2001 photo editor.  

So there you have it! You don't need a scanner or expensive editor to post your pictures online, I also use webshots screensaver and wallpaper changer, just create a new catagory and drag your trail cam pictures to it.  Life is Good!    

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