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Thought I'd let everyone know, Bill Goodson, Usahunter passed away this morning. We lost a good one.



Thanks for letting us know swamprat, this was a post I was dreading to see, that bill had passed on. I was just thinking about bill and him inviting me to his restaurant he opened a few years back.

I enjoyed turkey hunting with bill and his grandson near San Diego. Bill called a big Tom turkey right up next to us but the dang bird came in behind us and never gobbled. I heard it drumming and turned to see it on the other side of a big bush. 2 more lsteps and the kid was gonna shoot it. Then suddenly the Tom putted and ran off. I thought maybe a coyote or bobcat had snuck in but nope. We had a good blind set up and no one had moved so we were scratching our heads on what ran the tom off. As bill went to pick up his decoy I went and stood where the Tom was to see what he saw. Ah ha! Bill had a fishing line attached to his hen decoy and the sun was hitting it just right to make it shine. When bill yanked the line it must of spooked the bird. Of all the things to go wrong. Lol.

The kid did get a great show.

Bill was a good one. He went by dirt poor on the forum here, usahunter was a 2nd account he created when he had trouble logging in to his dirtpoor account.


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Aw, man. I remember dirtpoor; he was a good 'un. So sorry to hear that, but thanks for letting us know.

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