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Jul 4, 2006
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This happened to me a long time ago but I was reminded of it the other day so I thought I'd share this tale with you.
When I lived in Placer county I killed a buck and I took him home, skinned him and hung him from the rafters of our car port.
I thought that I had hung him high enough that our German Shepherd couldn't reach him, but when I returned to the deer in the morning I found that our dog had shredded a large portion of the brisket by jumping up and snagging pieces of it.
I voiced my displeasure at him and I threw a small rock at him ( I missed )
This is where it gets weird.
Later that evening when I got out of my truck I stepped on a steaming pile left by our dog.
Our dogs roamed freely with no fences and acres of forest surrounding us. We never came across their piles , they always went far away into the bushes. That is why I was surprised to step into some right where I ALWAYS parked.
The next day it happened again, fresh pile.
Now I knew it was no accident, he was getting revenge for my angry outburst at him. After cleaning my boots again, I came up with a plan.
I scooped it up with a shovel and went to where he liked to bed down, he was there and when he got up I tossed his pile onto his bed.
The next day when I opened my truck door, I looked down before stepping out and there was a new pile waiting for me, right where I would step down.
Again, I scooped it up and searched for where he was sleeping in his second favorite bedding spot and I returned his gift.
Again, the next day and the story repeated itself.
After his piles returned upon him for a third time, he finally quit crapping by my truck door.
Who'd a thought a dog could be so devious.

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