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DIY Bou hunt in Alaska


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Check out my trip report below. Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you all the details. I could probably save you a lot of time, having done all the research.


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The Dalton Highway is possible, but you'll find few rental car companies willing to rent a vehicle to go up there. In those rental agreements, there are certain roads you are not to take the vehicle. Better bring an extra spare and a couple of jugs of gas too. I think a flyout would be the most fun. There are A LOT of hunter transporters up here and many different herds to hunt and ways to hunt them once you get there. You can go up to Kotzebue and hunt Western Arctic herd, or to the west of Fairbanks there is the Porcupine herd, or to the Mulchanta herd on the Alaska Peninsula. The Western Artic herd is the largest of somewhere near 380,000 animals, but like any other hunt, timing is everything, but the transporters that fly everyday know where the critters are. Getting a good reliable one that won't drop you off on the same airstrip that already holds a handful of other hunters is what you need to find.

It sounds like Sagebrush did everything right and had a great time on his hunt so good luck with the hunt. Remember, if a deal for a transporter is too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck


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fhtfyr, i've heard that you like to kill animals that your hunting buddy's spot not sure if i would like to book a trip with you?


We did the Haul Road Hunt Beginning of October, and Waldo is right about the car rental agencies here. There are certain roads you are not allowed to drive on. But I know that people do rent cars, drive up to Deadhorse, and then fly back, so there may be some car rental places in Fairbanks that would allow you to do so. And if you do, bring lotsa gas, there are NO GAS STATIONS,SERVICE STATIONS or FOOD PLACES from Coldfoot to Deadhorse.
Be prepared for a 7-10 day trip. Bring plenty of water and food! You can never be over prepared, especially when hunting the haul road in the North Slope of Alaska.

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