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DIY Caribou bowhunting


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From what I gathered from everyone that went bowhunting up on the Haul Road there this summer was that the hunting was CRAP. Too hot and the bulls were hanging out where they couldn't be hunted without going to the ends of the earth. Last season the hunting was great to hear all my buddies talk. I don't know of a single person that connected this fall on a 'bou. You would probably be better served on a float trip, you get to see more country and not just the road. Probably better chances of getting into bow range because the critters are less pressured. Lets face it the
'bou on the Haul Road are frightened to be turned into stick pin cushions. Hope it helps.


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Every year i hunted Haul Road Area the best times seemed to change as boo keep their own scedule--one year all we saw was one calf and flies so bad horses alomst died and me too--Soo we got smarter and always checked to find out where the boo were--from then on no problems-- huntem when their there not when it's convienent for you.

Huntr Pat

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Excellent read, good on all your endevors. It would be an awesome trip to make for diy. I wish! Good luck! I still have several species state side to harvest for my personal achievement.

warren nelson

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I think the fly in idea is the best if the Bou isn't there they fly you out in front of the herd. Isn't that what most of the fly-in do????

I'm hoping to hunt them in about 3 years.

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