DNR hosts open house on Cadillac area forests


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Nov 18, 2002
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Contact: William Sterrett 231-775-9727 Ext. 6046
Agency: Natural Resources

DNR hosts open house on Cadillac area forests

October 14, 2003

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will host an open house Oct. 22 to provide information and receive public comment on forest management treatments proposed for 2005 in the Cadillac Management Unit.

The open house, from 4-7 p.m. at the DNR Carl T. Johnson Hunting & Fishing Center, is an opportunity for the public to review proposed treatments and provide input toward final decisions on those treatments. It also provides the public an opportunity to talk with foresters and biologists about issues of interest.

Each year, DNR personnel inventory and evaluate one-tenth of the state forest. The information gathered includes the health, quality and quantity of all vegetation; wildlife and fisheries habitat and needs; archaeological sites; mineral, oil and gas activities; recreational use; wildfire potential; social factors, including proximity to roads and neighborhoods; and use on adjacent lands, public or private. Proposed treatments are then designed to ensure the sustainability of the resources and ecosystems.

Each management unit is divided into smaller units or compartments to facilitate better administration of the resources. The Cadillac open house and compartment review will focus on: Cherry Valley, Eden and Webber townships in Lake County; Bloomfield, Forest, Holland, Norwich, Reeder, and West Branch townships in Missaukee County; Cedar township in Osceola County; and Greenwood and Liberty townships in Wexford County.

Maps and information regarding the proposed treatments, available at the open house, also can be accessed here or by calling William Sterrett, Cadillac Unit Manager, at 231-775-9727 Ext. 6046.

The formal compartment review to finalize prescriptions for these areas is scheduled Nov. 5, beginning at 9 a.m. at the DNR Carl T. Johnson Hunting & Fishing Center. Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for meetings should contact William Sterrett.

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