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DNR to Launch Hunters Helping Farmers


DNR to Launch Hunters Helping Farmers


Deer hunters in need of a place to hunt, and farmers/landowners in need of crop damage relief now have a way to contact each other using a tool developed by the Department of Natural Resources.

To participate, deer hunters may submit an online application, July 1 through Aug. 30, at DNR: Fish & Wildlife Home to hunt private land in Indiana. Hunters submit for up to two counties they would like to hunt. Farmers/landowners then select individuals to interview for rights to hunt.

The program does not alter normal DNR deer hunting regulations. Hunters must adhere to all bag limits, county antlerless deer quotas and license fees. Farmers/landowners determine whether hunters may harvest antlerless deer or deer of either sex.

Information requested on the application, determined by a DNR survey of farmers/landowners, addresses common concerns about selecting the hunters most likely to address farmer/landowner needs.

To obtain a list of potential hunters, farmers/landowners should contact their DNR district wildlife biologist as listed at DNR: Fish & Wildlife Home starting Sept. 14.

Hunters must be 13 years old to apply. Further information will be available in the 2009-2010 Hunting and Trapping Guide.

According to Indiana Code, a hunter who is invited on a landowner's premises for the purpose of hunting does not have an assurance that the premises are safe for that purpose. Therefore, the owner of the premises does not assume responsibility or incur liability for an injury to the person or property caused by an act or failure to act of other persons using the premises, unless the act is of malicious intent or is illegal.


Gary Langell, private lands program manager (812) 334-1137


I've registered, anybody else signing up?

Hoping to find some place to work my bird dog too.


New member
I signed up. This is a great feature for someone like me who hasn't spent enough time in this region to know too many people. I am more than willing to help out anyone and even share the meat with anyone that is willing to let me hunt their property. I have to say I think this is a great new feature.


I heard 7,000 Hoosier hunters signed up. The problem is, the state hasn't gotten the word out to the farmers. Now the state is going to change the deer hunting regulations/seasons to try and lower the number of deer. If they would have thrown some money at this program for publicity, they could have accomplished the reduction in antlerless deer, IMHO.

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