Do you live "off-the-grid"?


May 23, 2020
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NOW CASTING “off-the-grid” relationships!
A major cable network is currently looking for a unique love story.

Are you dating someone who lives a completely different lifestyle than you? Some who lives “off-the-grid”, in the mountains, or on a farm?

Are you from a big city, or suburb and ready to move in with your nature loving, outdoorsy partner? Are you excited, or nervous to go from big city living, to a more secluded/serene lifestyle?

We are looking for unmarried couples that are ready to take the next steps in their relationship and move in with their significant other. This docu-series will follow the lives and romances of couples who are trying to assimilate their separate lifestyles into one. We will follow the city-goer as they take a leap of faith in their long-distance relationship and move in with their partner "off-the-grid".

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please email: for more information!

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Casting Flyer 2b - Mountain Love.png

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