Dog stand specs


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Mar 12, 2001
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Here's a drawing of my dog stand design.

1. The platform is 36 inches long and 20 inches wide and made from 5 ply 3/8" plywood. For a heavy dog add a 2" X 2" brace underneath the length of the platform. Coat the platform in fiberglassing resin to waterproof it. Sprinkle sand on top of the last coat for traction. Add coloration if desired.

2. Drill three 1 1/4" holes in the platform as shown. Overdrill the holes  to allow for water expansion.

3. Use three 4 foot lengths of 1 1/4" closet rod. Drill 3/8" holes every four inches along the length of all three sections of closet rod. Overdrill the holes to allow for water expansion.

4. Use  three 4" sections of 3/8" dowel stock as pins to slide into the holes on the closet rods. This allows you to adjust the platform height. You may want to tie the dowels pins to the platform using short lengths of decoy cord.

5. Set up by shoving the poles into the mud then slipping the platform down over the top. Slide the dowel pins into the holes just above the water and you're set.    
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