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Nov 7, 2001
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To my friends in the dog world,
Regardless of any other differences we may have, our love of dogs is foremost in most of our hearts. I think the majority of us are aware of PETA and their wish to bring about the end of our domestic relationship with dogs (and cats). Although their original agenda to put an end to domestic animals is well hidden these days, it does, nevertheless exist. While some of their activities do, in the end, result in some improvements for dogs, I cannot differentiate their end goal from an occasional beneficial act and the means they employ to get what they want. We all are aware of the times PETA has taken responsibility for "freeing" dogs at show sites. I know many of you (like myself) were at Manitowoc the year dogs were released and some were hit and killed on the road. Those of you in other parts of the country or indeed the world, have, I am sure, other stories to tell of the same ilk.

It is also my choice to enjoy eating meat. If your choice is to not eat meat, thank heavens we BOTH have the choice, at least in America. PETA wants that taken from us also.

To this end, I find that PETA winning a "WEBBY" and/or "Peoples Choice" award, to be advertised, lauded and praised for the next year leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Winning means the site will be given pre-eminence in advertising. It means any search on dogs will recommend PETA a great site to go to. It means conversion of the uneducated to PETA's view. Personally, I abhor the thought of this.

If you agree with these thoughts, please take the time to go to the following WEBBY award site and vote for one of the other sites nominated. Make the dog fancy heard. We have the power to keep PETA from winning. Let's use it! Pass this around to every dog person you know who will vote and pass it on. We may not be able to close down PETA, but by heaven we can sure stop them from winning THIS award if we put our minds to it. There are a lot of dog people out there. Please don't put it off. The awards are held on July 18th. The close off time for votes is July 4th, so do it today. PETA is currently in second place in the standings. The PETA site is in the "Activism" category. I'm sure at least one of the other sites would appeal to you. I know most of us could probably come up with a site that we like better than any of those listed, but we should really get behind one to use our sheer numbers to defeat PETA. Right now, the highest ranked is Act for Change. Not a personal favorite, but anything is better than PETA

There are thousands of us, please pass this on
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