Don't dump Christmas trees in N.D. lakes


Mar 11, 2001
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Don't dump Christmas trees in N.D. lakes

Grand Forks Herald


Fisheries biologists from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department say they're not interested in accepting discarded Christmas trees for fish habitat.

"We usually receive phone calls from people asking if we will be taking leftover Christmas trees for tree reef projects," said Greg Power, fisheries biologist for Game and Fish in Bismarck. "For various reasons, new tree reef projects are limited in North Dakota."

In the past, the department has collected leftover Christmas trees and placed tree reefs in a few lakes throughout the state. Those lakes were selected because they lacked aquatic vegetation needed for fish spawning.

Game and Fish advises against placing individual Christmas trees in lakes, Power said. "Fishing lakes should not be considered a dumping ground for trees," he said. "Legally, permits are required for this type of action, otherwise dumping a Christmas tree on the ice is considered littering."

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