Dove guiding operation opens on Colorado River near Blythe


Mar 11, 2001
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Dove guiding operation opens on Colorado River near Blythe

Jim MAtthews


BLYTHE -- Sculling for doves?

Joel Depaoli, a long-time Blythe hunter, has opened a guiding service on the Colorado River for doves and waterfowl for this season, and he'll be offering dove hunters some unique opportunities for the first half of the dove season September 1-15. Depaoli will be offering regular field hunts all 15 days of the first season where he hosts up to four hunters at a time. Depaoli has already been scouting both the California and Arizona sides of the river along with the Colorado River Indian Reservation (CRIT) lands and knows the locations of the biggest concentrations of mourning and whitewing doves on the wheat and melon fields.

More interestingly, Depaoli will take hunters out for hunts on the river itself, hunting doves from sandbars and scull boats, just like he will later in the season for waterfowl. The river hunts are unique opportunities to hunt from mid-river. Depaoli recommends that hunters have both California and Arizona hunting licenses so game wardens from either side will have no cause for concern about hunters on a sandbar at mid-river.

All of Depaoli's hunts include food and lodging at Depaoli's hunting lodge at the river near Blythe. Field hunts are $125 per person on weekdays, $150 per day on weekends, and kids 17 and under are only $25 per day with a paying adult. The one-on-one river hunting from a scull boat, whether or waterfowl or doves, is $375 per day. For more information, contact Depaoli's 777 Guide Service at 714-505-4301.

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