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already have a tag for Colorado. usually put in for devils garden [with max points] but hunt dates conflict. so I put in for g-3 hoping not to get drawn because of lack of $$. so here I sit with no more deer points!!! maybe a gofund me page lol.

Jake F

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My Girlfriend and I drew a C tag on 2nd choice. That's all we got. Just another point on everything else. Congrats to all who drew and we'll get em next year for everyone else.
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Did not draw X2 with 8 points. Now I have 9 and I just want to dump them on something next season. I have a hard time giving my home state another dollar if I don't have to. Four states and no tags with similar point numbers in each state ... and I do not apply for the tough ones. Not my year. Best of luck to the folks that drew.

cali deer hunter

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Girlfriend drew C as 2nd choice and I got my D3-5 as 3rd. We had zero points after drawing X3b last year and she has anterless elk in NV and I have archery deer in NV so fall will be busy.

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