Hunting Buddy Wanted Duck hunting partner wanted around Manteca California


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Mar 29, 2011
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Hunted the delta around Rio vista for years, when I lived there. Mostly sloughs and liberty island. However, life got in the way and didn't go hunting for quite some time. Started back up again this year mostly hitting Los Banos and a club near hy12.

I have a semi partner. But admittedly I get fixated on hunting and he is not nearly as passionate. :(

I am still working for 3 more years until 55. Then I can follow the migration if I want too with the rv ;) but until then I am much more limited in the distances I can get to.

Anyway, thought I'd make a post and see what happens. Able an willing to share club expenses or hunt the sloughs or get a kayak and hit some spots.

PM me if interested. Thanks


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