Easter Sierra backcountry

Im planning a backpacking/fishing trip near the John Muir for 7 days.. And I was wondering what are the things you recommand I pack for 7 days as far as untensils and clothing.. Plan on going in mid July


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Have you backpacked multiple days before, or is this your first time?

As far as clothing goes, it depends how often you want to change. But make sure to bring a jacket that can stop the wind and possible rain. Warm and dry, that's the key.


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The weather can be wild up there that time of year. You can go from sweating during the day with 70 degree temps to having a thunderstorm come in, cool things off and get near or below freezing at night. Layers are pretty important. My wife and I did the High Sierra trail last year and we went from nearly heatstroke conditions climbing up to precipice lake during the day to having our water bottles freeze that night.

A waterproof/ windproof outer layer is essential.

The other items you bring depend on your level of backpacking experience and style. For a longer trip like that I prefer to take all dehydrated meals and just use the "freezer bag cooking" method and take a spoon as my only utensil. Shorter trips, or trips where I have a forest service bear box available, I will take more ingredients and actually cook something.

Much of the area up there there is no food storage provided and you are required to lug around a bear canister. For a longer trip like you are planning that can defintely affect the type of food that you can take (it must be stored in the canister at all times as well as any toilitries you take. I have the garcia canister and i can just squeeze in 8 days of food in there, but again, it is entirely dependent on what you bring for food.

some great sites to check out for ideas include backpackinglight.com and backpacker.com.

make sure to get your permit early too as with the new online system the better trailheads get filled up rather quickly.

There are countless ways of setting up your gear , the best thing you can do is to get out and find what works for you.

Good luck, with any luck My wife and I will be tackling the first 1/3 of the john muir this year (Yosemite valley - Mammoth)

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