Eating tag soup AO, hope A31 works out. Any helpful tips... areas i should go to?


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May 22, 2014
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I know, I have to put in the time to hike and scout. And its totally my fault to dedicate all my precious weekends to D41 in the hope of landing a nice buck. And not to get carried away, I did spot groups of does, as close as 28 yards in D14. Always made me think, this is a bunch of does... there must be a buck nearby herding them. On that assumption, I kept going back to D14. Always spotting groups of does in different spots, never a buck, not even a forkie.

So, therefore, I pledge: I will scout D11 every weekend starting this weekend.

Also I request: If you want to help out a first time bow-hunter with some tips on where to go / or accompany you, please do let me know.

I have been glassing off of hwy 39 close to soldier creek and alpine canyon. No sightings, but google maps show the best habitat in that area... am I assuming something wrong?

Please do PM me if you want to head out together or with any advice that you want to extend.

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