Elderly FL hunter hangs from tree by ankles for four hours


Mar 11, 2001
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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Elderly hunter hangs from tree by ankles for four hours

The Associated Press

BUNNELL, Fla. - An 86-year-old hunter dangled by his ankles in a tree for four hours before his son and authorities rescued him.

William Watkins was in stable condition early Tuesday in Memorial Hospital-Flagler after he was found by a police dog on Saturday.

The 70-year hunting veteran said he tried to reach a favorite tree platform in search of deer and turkeys when the stand he used to climb the tree broke.

His feet caught in the stand and branches, Watkins hung inches off of the ground drifting in and out of consciousness. His shotgun was jammed so he couldn't signal for help.

"I was hung in an awful way," said Watkins, who lives in Dover, east of Tampa. "Head down for four hours. They say it can damage you, your vital organs, to hang like that."

His son, David, said he began a search when his father was late returning. Flagler County Sheriff's deputies brought a police dog, which found the elderly man within minutes of reaching the hunting site.

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If this had been me with my luck, the hugest buck I've ever seen would have trotted by and licked my face.

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