Elk hunting and horse rental


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anyone know of renting horses and mules around the Challis, Northfork, salmon area and pricing. had some friends of mine that did that in colorado and was wondering if anyone did that in Idaho?
kinda like a guide service without the guide...... i know of some good places to go, but need the horse thing to pack in and out.
keep me posted or send me a message.
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I've got a guide that does pack trips but I don't think they rent...I could ask, maybe they would do a semi guided trip?
Let me know...


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sounds good, let me know and message me the contact info..........my buddy has horses and mules, but flaked out. we leave this coming weekend.


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ok gang....... going to ask for some help out there if anyone knows, looking at renting pack horses or mules for 2014 idaho elk hunt trip. we hunt every year there and packing in is getting a little tougher as I get older, sooooo does anyone know where we could rent horses/mules around the Challis, north fork, or salmon area?

let me know, I would greatly apprecaite it.
thank you

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