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Mar 27, 2002
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The Campaign to Save Elmer’s Island

Purchase of Elmer's Island - Back on Track ?

"The votes have been tallied, and the public has spoken - or at least they've responded to a survey to say the State of Louisiana should buy Elmer's Island and keep it relatively primitive."

Elmer’s Island is a place dear to the hearts of many people who love coastal Louisiana. Located directly across Caminada Pass from Grand Isle, its beachfront and wetland areas, marshes and dunes provide 1700 acres of prime habitat for many species of fish and birds. For many years, Elmer’s Island was known as a recreational Mecca by those who, for a small entrance fee could enjoy the amenities the island provided- primitive camping, fishing, bird watching and beachcombing.

Paradise Lost?

But Elmer’s Island is now for sale. The road into this coastal peninsula has been gated. Currently the only access is by boat, and is limited to the beach. 1700 acres of paradise with a $6 million price tag and a fate that is uncertain… Governor Foster has sent his encouragement for purchase of the Island by the State of Louisiana, while his administration continues in the process of assessing the property value. The owners would like to see the Island be once again made available to the public. But they cannot wait much longer. We see here a wonderful opportunity to preserve this natural treasure for public use through acquisition by the State of Louisiana.

Why buy Elmer’s Island?

Elmer’s Island is well known for the excellent fishing opportunities it has provided over many years for many popular species such as speckled and white trout, flounder, redfish, channel mullet, black drum, croaker, Spanish mackerel, blue crabs and many other species that frequent the state’s coastal beaches and passes. It has also been a traditional family camping spot and a great place to observe wading, shore and seabirds as well as coastal marine life. It has become part of the natural resource-related culture of coastal Louisiana, cherished by visitors from throughout the state and many nonresident anglers, birders, and nature lovers. The objective of this campaign is to convince our State Government that the purchase of Elmer’s Island and maintaining its natural state is critical to the protection of this resource. This rich coastal paradise deserves our support and protection before it is too late.

State Ownership of the island would also prevent any developments incompatible with the State’s coastal restoration effort and eliminate land rights disputes that could otherwise come up should the area be impacted by a coastal restoration project.

What Can You Do?

* Write a letter to the governor, asking for state funding for the purchase of Elmer’s Island.

* Write a letter to your other elected officials in support of state funding to purchase Elmer’s Island (for address, visit your library or http://www.legis.state.la.us/).

* Formulate a resolution of support for State purchase of Elmer’s Island from your organization and send it to your elected officials (see samples)

* Write a letter to the editor to Louisiana newspapers regarding the need for state funding

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