Elsinore is still alive!!!!


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Gotta love when you impale some scales!!!! Elsinore was on fire today. tons of fish up shallow in less then knee deep of water. Tested out a new bow today so my first couple easy shots were horrible misses but once I got use to it was game on. 12 fish with a 7lb average. Good quality fish today. Had about 6 pull off. Awesome day.
Also for anyone looking to go shoot the shore check out Perret Park it's WAAYY closer to park at and can walk 5 min to the flats by Rome Hill its the way to go!!
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Wtg bro, all the rain we have been getting and the constant water levels rising shooting from the banks sucks right now. Can't wait till my friend gets me out on a boat for some bowfishing.....tra


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I have a friend who blowfishes there all the time lives a couple of blocks from the lake. Keeps me up to date on the bow fishing..

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