End of my year report


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Jul 18, 2014
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Well deer season ended last weekend for me and I didn't even get out to try and fill my D zone tag. I hunted D zone during archery season a few times and missed a buck that was a relatively easy shot or should have been an easy shot. A week later I did the exact same thing on a buck that was a little larger than the first miss. In both cases I used the 55 yard aiming point instead of the 45 yard one. Both deer were less than 50 yards. I cannot explain why other than I felt rushed and simply screwed up. I normally do not feel rushed when shooting a buck with a rifle but something about archery just makes me hurry everything. I never made it back up to one of my D zone spots for rifle season.
I hunted 2 different C zones and that took most of my available time. A couple of times when I called my wife the power was being turned off so I came home earlier than I wanted to so she would have water. She does OK for a day but longer than that is an issue. I run the generators. On my third C zone hunt my son and I both shot good blacktails so that worked out well. In both cases we went out on our own to an area we thought should hold deer and got it done. I prefer to hunt alone since I feel I have a better chance of finding deer and getting a shot with less people and less noise. Retrieving a buck by yourself is harder but if I needed help I could have returned to camp and had someone help me. I got mine to a road in one piece, my son had to bone his out to pack it back up a steep hill.
All in all a decent year and could have been a great year had I taken one of the archery deer.
We have no points and the one hunting buddy that has a bunch of points never seems to be able to take time off during a premium zone season so no one has been able to take advantage of those points yet. His vacation is already booked for 2020 and it does not include time for a deer hunt. That means we will start building points again for a premium zone which means it will be years and years before I can hunt an X zone again. Oh well we will be looking at some out of state options for mule deer.


Jul 1, 2015
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Very good John !
I hoping my grandson and I hunt many years together. and maybe a great grand kid down the line.
But Congrats on your and your sons harvest, Good job !


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Oct 29, 2019
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Hey at least you got one! Very cool. I was thinking about putting C zone for my second choice this year and I hope I’m as successful as you were.

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