ENGEL 65-Quart Ice Chest For Hunters


Mar 11, 2001
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The ice chest a hunter brings along on a hunt can make all the difference between a great adventure or an even greater disaster. It not only must take on any bumps and bruises that naturally occur on such a rigorous excursion, but pull through with fresh, ice-cold food and refreshments throughout the hunt to beyond the ride home. Thanks to the innovators at Engel® USA, there is a rugged, high-performance ice chest that fits the bill, and more with the new Engel 65-quart green ice chest.

Like all Engel coolers, this mean ice chest has been engineered for performance from inside and out. Its ingenious design boasts a full 2" of quality polyurethane insulation, providing superior ice retention for up to ten days. Plus, an airtight (freezer-style) lid gasket creates a virtually leak-proof seal - trapping the icy cold air inside, while keeping warm air and moisture out.

The new Engel 65-quart green ice chest was designed specifically for the hunter in mind, taking into account everything from performance and durability to its hunter-green color. The cooler provides plenty of food and refreshment-holding capacity without the bulk and weight of a monster cooler. Measuring 29.88" L X 16.75" W X 16.5" H, the Engel 65-quart green cooler fits nicely anywhere around camp, plus its sturdy non-skid lid doubles as a great seat around the fire (when used with industry standard cushions).

Certified as a "Bear-resistant" container by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, this cooler's high-impact plastic and seamless double-wall construction can even take the beating of a 1,000-pound grizzly bear - while securely protecting the cooler's vital contents. So, if you're camping in bear country, simply add a padlock to the cooler's dual corner locking holes, and this rugged ice chest will keep any bear at bay that wishes to help himself to your entire camp's food and provisions.

To further ensure this cooler stands up to whatever the toughest hunter can dish out, Engel designers included low-profile marine grade latches and a rugged full-length hinge. Its molded handgrips and heavy-duty rope handles make loading and unloading the cooler a breeze, while its non-skid rubber feet keep it from sliding around the bed of your truck during transit. In addition, when the hunt is over, and you're ready to empty the cooler, Engel's unique "one-turn" drain plug system makes it easy to completely remove melt water.

To learn more about the innovative Engel 65 quart rugged green plastic ice chest for hunting, or to find out about company's entire line of high-performance coolers - contact Engel USA, 1555 Jupiter Park Drive, Unit 5, Jupiter, FL 33458 • Telephone: (561) 743-7419 • Or visit the website at www.engel-usa.com.


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Oct 12, 2006
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Probably pretty neat but it drives me crazy when you can't find a price anywhere. :( Their website says contact a dealer. I did a search and found 2 dealers within 100 miles. Neither one even shows the cooler on their website, let alone a price. Searched again 250 miles. Same story, the cooler is not listed on any of them.:confused-yellow: Now I have lost interest.
Must be the heat, I sure am crabby.:smiley_doh:
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