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Ever seen a do over for a deer tag?


Usually once you kill a deer that's it for that tag. In MO one year one of group knocked down a buck but had a long blood trail to follow. Once he found it the coyotes had eaten most of the meat. He called a warden who looked at what was left and actually wrote him a new tag. Only time I've seen that. We thought that was fair since the guy spent all night looking for it but the coyotes beat him to it.

Ever seen a do over on a deer tag?


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It seems only fair, but I thought your tag was the chance to shoot a deer and recovery was not a part of the deal.


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Jindy, I think that was the point. As part of our hunting regulations, we also have the burden to make every effort to recover the deer and it sounds to me like that was an important point in Jesse's story. Had he given up, he never would have found it, but he stayed the course, and found it eaten up. Perhaps the warden was impressed with his effort and wanted to be a good guy and give him a break. It's not a given; it sounds like it was all about this one instance.

No, I've never heard of that here in Georgia, but then it isn't often that we're checked here. We have to tag our deer here, just the same, but we don't have to validate the tag like Kali.

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