Faulty Sensor?


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Sep 4, 2002
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The sensor on one of my 35mm cams is acting funny. It acts like it is going to sleep after a period of time, when I first power it up it will trigger every time its suppose to but after a few days it won,t trigger at all until I cut it off and then power it up again. I thought it was my batteries but I have tried all types batteries. I don,t know what kind of sensor it is but if someone can,t reccomend a remedy I will replace it soon. thanks danl


Mar 11, 2001
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Try some heat and cold spray to see if it's temp sensitive. You can get Freez=It spray at any electronics store. For heat, just use a hair dryer. On the heat, just hit it a little, don't go wild with it. Most electronics will go bonkers it you toast them good with a hair dryer. Just wave it back and forth a couple times to get it warm in the box or wherever you have the sensor. It cold spray makes it work after it warms up and dies you have a component that is breaking down when it warms up. Hard to tell which one but transistors and ICs can get funky sometimes.

Check all the soldering for cold solder joints and loose connection too. Cold solder joints looke dull and dirty while good solder joints look clean and shiny.

IF there is a 5 VDC regulator or other volt control that you can find make sure they are putting out the right voltage. A runway regluator will cause problems.

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