Favorite 5 weight rod for nymphing?

East Bay Ed

Jan 13, 2013
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My oldest son finally has a decent job and is looking for a 5 weight for nymphing. He's thinking about a Sage, but frankly, for tossing lead that seems like overkill with a high price. My favorite nymphing rod is a 4 weight St Croix Legend. I've never used/tried some of the newer rods like TFO, Redington, Loomis, Echo, or even Cabela's. I know that Sage, Thomas and Thomas, Orvis, and Winston are great brands and a little pricer. I do have a big 7 weight Winston for steelhead but haven't fished any of the rest.

I would appreciate any of you talking about your favorite nymph set up in a 5 weight, including length.
Thanks for your help

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