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Mar 11, 2001
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Quebec population minister and friends kill 18,000 birds during trip to Argentina.


BEAUPRE, Que. (CP) - Quebec's population minister created a flap Friday when he admitted he and some buddies recently killed 18,000 doves and pigeons during a hunting trip in Argentina. But Remy Trudel says he was actually helping Argentina by reducing its pesky feathered population.

"There are 20 million birds hurting the agriculture of Argentina," Trudel told reporters after the story was splashed over the front page of Friday's Le Journal de Quebec.

"The hunt was done within the rules of the country and environment."

Trudel's group of eight killed about 18,000 doves, pigeons and turtle doves during its six-day trip to Argentina's Cordoba Valley.

"They're really easy to kill," he reported. "In fact, it's more shooting than hunting.

"It might seem like a lot, but I always hunt with respect for the environment."

Trudel said he and his pals ate some of the birds and gave the rest to area residents.

The Cordoba Valley is well-known worldwide as a goldmine for bird hunters.

"On a typical day, shooters will fire anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 shot shells," says the Web site argentinadovehunting.com.

Another Web site states "high-volume, no-limit hunts for dove can be booked year-round."

"There's no seasons or limits on doves in Argentina, where birds are considered pests by local farmers," says one site.

The population also reproduces several times a year.

But one animal activist told Le Journal hunting is a "cruel and inefficient" way to eliminate pests, and that the best method is to introduce natural predators into the wildlife.

Trudel says he has loved hunting since growing up in western Quebec's rural Abitibi region.

Reaction to his trip, however, has "made him think."

T F Coyote

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Jan 8, 2002
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They DID "introduce natural predators into the wildlife;"  They released six human hunters to naturally limit the populations.  Finally, we and the animal activists are seeing eye-to-eye.

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