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Federal judge orders stepped-up wolf

I think this is a stupid idea. We made them extinct for a reason they serve no purpose here in the north east (all they will do is mutleply like rabbits) and move towards the southern part of the state and wipe out are allready shity deer herd. I feel so strongly about this the three s s s aplly shoot shovel shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just my opion we all have one. What yours?


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there is already a suptanible population of wolf here in carrol county. I see there tracks and here them howl fairly often. I know of at least two places I can go at night and get multiple howls. they have been here for much longer than fish and game wants to admit!!!!


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It won't work.

Yellowstone reintro...different story. you got wolves, you got coyotes. Wolves don't like coyotes there.

Here, in the east, We got "Eastern" coyotes, a different breed entirely from their western counterpart. a predominant hybrid coyote/wolf cross to begin with, that will (does) interbreed with a wolf.

Biologists have finally gotten a clue that the "eastern coyote" is a unique species unto itself, and that it's blood line stems from a coyote/wolk hybrid. But in this knowlege they seem to act like this happened "some time ago"... or "somewhere else"... They don't seem to understand that it's going on "now"

Ther breeding seasons of wolves and coyote are the same. NH is right on the Canadian border where wolves are reasonably common. A Male wolf will travel upwards of 400 miles in search of mate coming into late January, and if he chances by a female Eastern Coyote, rather than another wolf, there goes his gene pool.

"Wolves" are not going to survive in NH as a pure strain. All they'll ever do is intergrate into an already problematic coyote population.

I've spent 1,000's of hours the last decade watching coyotes over carcass bait in winter. Starlight night vision equipment, and baits covered by wireless infra red motion detectors. I don't miss a trick on the baits.

At least twice in the last few years I've encountered Alpha male wolves visiting a bait site, and both times they came in with a family unit of regular coyotes.

Reintroducing wolves into NH isn't going to work, besides, they are already here. They just can't maintain their blood lines very long.

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