Feds unveil 5-point CWD program


Mar 11, 2001
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U.S. unveils 5-point CWD program

By Gary Gerhardt , Rocky Mtn News Staff Writer

June 27, 2002

A joint national task force on chronic wasting disease announced a five-point program Wednesday to combat the spread of the disease that attacks deer and elk.

Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Colo., said the Bush administration's plan is adequate and he is withdrawing his call for congressionallegislation to tackle the problem.

"We put the Departments of Interior and Agriculture on notice and they rose to the challenge in very short order," McInnis said.

The Bush administration's interagency report released Wednesday focuses on developing programs in:

Disease management to identify practices to prevent introduction of CWD into herds, and from spreading it between free-ranging and captive animals.

Diagnostics to develop better testing -- postmortem and live-animal -- that are accurate, reasonably fast and inexpensive.

Research to identify and prioritize critical research needs in live-animal testing, genotyping, transmissibility and bioassays.

Surveillance to develop consensus standards in both captive and free-ranging deer and elk populations.

Information for uniform standards on CWD data collection.

Secretary of Interior Gale Norton said, "This report reflects the hard work of a federal-state team that responded to the congressional call for an integrated plan."

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